Index module

Opening the Index module

Go to the Index module by clicking on the Index tab. (Menu option View / Index, ⌘-I).

Using the Index module

The index module provides quick access to the repertory's contents.
It is divided into three areas:
- the left side is an index of the repertory chapters,
- the middle part is a graphical index,
- the right side is a quick index of commonly used rubrics.

Move the mouse over the text or images. Where a selection can be made, the cursor changes into a hand . Just click on an item to perform the action.

Using multiple repertories

In case you have a license for additional repertories, the index into the repertoy chapters will also show the name of the repertory.

Complete Repertory (...)

When you click on the name of the repertory, it will select the next repertory and show you its chapters.
It also has a popup menu, in which your can select one of the available repertories.