Complete Dynamics is celebrating!

Until 30 June, we give a special discount of -30% on our subscription license prices!


We have some things to celebrate...

First reason: 10 Years Complete Dynamics

In 2008, we finished the creation of our successful free Browser Edition.
After that, things went fast. We created the Practitioner Edition, then the Master Edition.
You have all been very enthusiastic about Complete Dynamics, and we are very grateful for that.
Complete Dynamics has been growing very very fast, and in only 10 years has become one of the leading homeopathy programs in the world.
We want to celebrate that with you, and allow you to benefit from our success. So we are glad to be able to give you 30% discount on our subscription license prices.

Second reason: 37 Years Complete Repertory

Roger van Zandvoort has been working very hard to bring the world the best repertory that can exist.
Now, after 37 years, he wants to celebrate this with you. Why is 37 special? Of course it is a long time, and Roger says it is special because 37 is a prime number, meaning it can only be divided by 1 and by itself. A special year for him.
Compare Complete Repertory to other repertories, and it is clear that Roger's work is an outstanding achievement.
So he wants to celebrate, giving 30% discount.

Third reason: Number 1 homeopathy software worldwide

Based upon an in-depth study of financial reports (publicly available), we can proudly say that in 10 years time, Complete Dynamics has become the nr. 1 choice of homeopathic professionals.
We celebrate, and let you share in the succes with a major discount!

Fourth reason: Technological mastership

Complete Dynamics is the only homeopathy software in the world that runs natively on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS. And no internet required!
On desktop PCs, laptops, netbooks, tablets and phones. We are proud of this technological masterpiece, and want to celebrate this unique success with you.

Why is this discount so special?

How to buy?

You can buy your license in our webshop. Inside the program Complete Dynamics, menu option Help / Buy license. Or contact a local reseller (our webshop will tell you if there is a local reseller).

Note that the discount is for subscription license prices. Additional options, like extra repertory translations, Q-Rep, or Repertory of the Lacs, are not subscription licenses but one time purchases (the money you pay for these goes to the authors, not to us).