!!!!! Important information for Mac users !!!!!

Apple is releasing a new version of their Mac software, macOS Catalina.
Some older programs will no longer work after installing macOS Catalina.

Is this a problem for me?

Catalina no longer supports 32 bit software, only 64. And some software is still 32 bits older technology, despite the fact that Apple started warning about this a long time ago.

If you are using Complete Dynamics, there is no problem.
But if you use RadarOpus, you might have a problem.
And if you use MacRepertory or ReferenceWorks, you will have a very serious problem.

This page will explain what the consequence are of upgrading your Mac, and we will offer you a nice solution if you are one of the very unlucky homeopaths. (Just look at the bottom of this page).

Complete Dynamics
The information on this page has been updated on 14 October 2019. Please inform us if anything has changed.

Complete Dynamics

No problem.
Complete Dynamics supports 64 bit technology on Mac since 2012.


RadarOpus prior to version 2.2 will stop working.
Version 2.2 is required for Catalina.

What they say

RadarOpus sent out a newsletter on 5 September 2019. They wrote:

"RadarOpus 2.2 includes 64 bit technology to ensure compatibility with Mac OS Catalina".
"You will need this version before you install Mac OS 'Catalina'".
"Apple's next update (due out in fall 2019) will only be 64-bit, so any software you have that does not run on 64-bit will NOT work with the new Apple update. It is likely that Microsoft will also soon go the same way... so we've prepared everything for you way ahead of time!"

You can read the full text here.

The solution

The only solution is to upgrade to version 2.2.
If you bought RadarOpus after May 1st 2018, this update is free.
But most users will have an older version, and will have the choice to either pay for an upgrade, or stop using RadarOpus all together (because it simply won't work anymore).

Our opinion

Apparently RadarOpus has waited until the last moment, before adapting to reality: With Catalina they have no choice but to re-engineer their software, if not they are out of the market on Macs.
We think it is not fair that most users will have to pay for an upgrade.
"so we've prepared everything for you way ahead of time!". Serious? Just in time.

Latest news

3-10-2019: We have contacted support and asked when the new version 2.2 will be released. They have not replied within 24 hours.
4-10-2019: We have asked again. No answer.
4-10-2019: We just received a newsletter, saying: "2.2 is now available. The update is free for everyone who bought RadarOpus after May 1st 2018."

MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks

You current software will stop working. And they have no intention to change it.

What they say

As long as you do not upgrade to macOS Catalina this Fall, your MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks programs will continue working on all computers/systems previously used. But please keep in mind: We are not adapting MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks for newer operating systems (macOS Catalina, Windows 11, etc.). We will continue to offer you free technical support on your programs for at least a year after Synergy Homeopathic Software is released, but we cannot control program issues that are related to big changes coming from Microsoft or Apple regarding your current operating system. Technology is fluid and never stops changing, and we have to change with it to keep pace. Apple is ending their Support for 32-bit apps in future operating systems, and this change affects our trusted friends, MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks. They will not run on an Apple operating system newer than Mojave. Apps that are created to work with 64-bit allow faster, more efficient system performance and are generally safer from Cyber-attacks. In order to keep our wonderful homeopathic software up-to-date, we had to change too. The result is a new program that will continue to help homeopaths for many years to come! Again, the decision to update or not is yours to make. As long as Apple and Microsoft continue to support their older operating systems, you can continue to use MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks.

The solution

The only solution seems to be to upgrade to Synergy Homeopathic Software.
However, there is no mention of that software whatsoever on their website. They only talk about MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks. The text we quoted above was found on this page.
That page mentions an upgrade price of $900, but it can also be something else (unclear).

Our opinion

The message is clear: "We are not adapting MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks for newer operating systems".
End of story. Upgrade for $900, or stop updating your Mac.
We have an opinion about this, but refuse to express it in public.

Latest news

4-10-2019: We have contacted support and asked when the new software will be released. They replied: "it is due out in November."


We asked them on 4 October 2019 whether their software will run on Catalina, and the answer was: "Yes".
Well done, friends!


Currently not supporting Catalina.
Miccant are currently updating both Vision and Akiva to run with Catalina. Customers will be provided with a free upgrade as soon as these are ready.

Our solution

We think that any Mac user should be able to keep running the latest Mac software. And Apple thinks exactly that. So they decided to stop supporting old technology software, using 32 bit software only. They have good reasons for that, and we fully agree with Apple.

However, that could mean that keeping up to date with Mac software, all of the sudden the homeopathy software that you paid a lot of money for is .... GONE.
So you have become the victim: Either you pay for an obligatory upgrade of older technology software, or you stop using it. End of story.

This might be the right moment to switch to the World's No. 1 Homeopathy Software: Complete Dynamics.
Always free upgrades, always free support. Always there for you.

At this moment, we have a very special offer: 5 or 10 years Master Edition, for the price of Practitioner Edition. -33%.
Our regular license prices start at an average of € 5 per month.
You have heard about Complete Dynamics before. You have seen your colleagues use it.
You decide. We are there for you.


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