License pricing - Practitioner Edition from € 5 per month!

Our licensing prices are:

Edition Period Price 1)
per month
Browser unlimited free free free free
Practitioner10 years€ 5.00freefreefreeBest value
Practitioner5 years€ 7.00freefreefree
Practitioner3 years€ 8.33freefreefree
Practitioner1 year€ 11.50freefreefree
Practitioner6 months€ 12.33freefreefree
Practitioner3 months€ 13.33freefreefree
Practitioner1 month€ 14.00freefreefree
Master10 years€ 7.50freefreefreeBest value
Master5 years€ 10.50freefreefree
Master3 years€ 12.50freefreefree
Master1 year€ 17.25freefreefree
Master6 months€ 18.50freefreefree
Master3 months€ 20.00freefreefree
Master1 month€ 21.00freefreefree

1) The price mentioned is an average price per month, to show you the advantage you have when you choose for a longer period.
Payment is to be made for the entire period at once.
For customers in the European Union, prices might be subject to sales tax (depending on individual situation).