License pricing - Practitioner Edition from € 7 per month!

Our licensing prices are:

Edition Period Price 1)2)
per month
Browser unlimited free free free free
Practitioner10 years€ 6.66freefreefreeBest value
Practitioner5 years€ 8.00freefreefree
Practitioner3 years€ 9.77freefreefree
Practitioner1 year€ 13.33freefreefree
Practitioner6 months€ 14.66freefreefree
Practitioner3 months€ 16.00freefreefree
Practitioner1 month€ 16.00freefreefree
Master10 years€ 10.00freefreefreeBest value
Master5 years€ 12.00freefreefree
Master3 years€ 14.66freefreefree
Master1 year€ 20.00freefreefree
Master6 months€ 22.00freefreefree
Master3 months€ 24.00freefreefree
Master1 month€ 24.00freefreefree

1) The price mentioned is an average price per month, to show you the advantage you have when you choose for a longer period.
Payment is to be made for the entire period at once.
For customers in the European Union, prices might be subject to sales tax (depending on individual situation).2)

2) Information on this page is about sales in the International Webshop. In some countries, sales go via a local reseller. In that case, prices might be different and local tax regulations apply.