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Как да копирам случаите на моя iPad?

Чрез опцията Споделяне на Случаи, като използвате iTunes за копиране на файловете.

You copy cases to and from your iPad using the Case Sharing option of Complete Dynamics.
This option is described in the Help System, under Case Module -> Case Sharing.

On your PC, you first create a case export.
The first time you should export the complete Case Database, later you will export only modified cases.

To copy the files to your iPad, you need to connect the iPad to you PC and start iTunes.

Copy the file to the Complete Dynamics App.

On your iPad, you can now Import the file.
Click and hold at the left side of the screen, in the Case module.
Then click Sharing >.

Next, click Import...

And select the file.

You case data will be imported on your iPad.