Introduction to Symptom Classification

Samuel Hahnemann's Organon and Chronic Diseases show us that Hahnemann did not select his remedies on the basis of the entirety of all symptoms that can be found in the patient's current or past situations. He carefully classified the patient's symptoms into a number of categories and based his treatment on this classification.

Hahnemann's classification is available, as well as user defined groups A, B, C, D and E for your own use.

Classification options, available in the toolbar on the left side of the screen:

PsoraThe core disturbances.
Organon 6th edition § 80 (psoric miasma).
IncidentBiographic incident, things that happened to the patient and had impact on him.
Acute disease.
Organon § 72 (injurious influences).
EpidemicDiseases that are transmitted through an outside source; the flu, Legionella, SARS, Measles, Mumps, and others. (In-between-diseases).
Organon § 73 (epidemic diseases).
Acute miasmaticIllness coming from within, often being triggered by an incident, a stimulus coming from outside. Complaints are severe.
Organon § 73 (transient explosion of latent psora).
Inherited tendencyThose diseases that occurred in the ancestry, which are passed on to the patient genetically.
IatrogenicThe usage of medication and the vaccinations that someone has received.
Organon § 74.
SycosisInfection with Gonorrhea.
Organon § 79 (sycotic miasma).
SyphilisInfection with Syphilis.
Organon § 79 (syphilitic miasma).
User AFree for you own use.
User BFree for you own use.
User CFree for you own use.
User DFree for you own use.
User EFree for you own use.

The classification can be applied at the level of Symptoms, or on individual Rubrics.
Setting classification on a Symptom will apply that setting to all Rubrics in the Symptom. Any setting that had been applied to Rubrics will then no longer be used.

See also Demo case Simple classification example.

Remedy filter and classification

When classification of Symptoms or Rubrics is used in an analysis, the remedies for each analysis are automatically filtered. This filtering is done in accordance with the information found in Hahnemann's writings.

For Psora, the remedies are: all minerals and nosodes, plus Lach, Lyc, Sep, but excluding Merc.
For Incident, Acute Miasmatic, Epidemic, the remedies are: all plants and animals, plus Merc, Ars, Ant-c.
For Iatrogenic, the remedies are those found in rubrics Intoxication after medicaments, and Ailments from vaccination.
For Inherited tendency, the remedies are: all nosodes.
For the other groups, all remedies are shown.


The classes A-B-C-D-E can also be used as clipboards. By assigning these to Symptoms or individual Rubrics, it is very easy to create different views on the analysis results.

More information

The information on classification above is limited.
Excellent information on the use of Hahnemann's classification can be found on the web site