Cloud Server


In case you use more than one computer for your practice, you may want to keep your case information synchronized between them.
This way, you will always have up-to-date case information wherever you work. Even if you're on the road, with your phone or a tablet.

Our Cloud Server offers a flexible and easy mechanism to automatically synchronize your cases.

Contrary to many other Cloud solutions, you can use Complete Dynamics both with and without internet connection.
Without internet connection, all your cases are stored locally on your device. All the changes you make are stored locally.
When an internet connection is available, your cases can be synchronized automatically via the Cloud Server.

If you make changes to cases on different devices, while not connected to internet, that does not make any difference. When the connection to the Cloud Server is available, all the changes you made on the different devices can be merged together. Even if you worked on the same case.

What does the Cloud Server do?

The purpose of the Cloud Server is to keep your cases identical on all the devices that use this service.

What you add on one device, will be added on the other devices.
What you change on one device, will be changed on the other devices.
What you delete on one device, will also be deleted on the other devices.
Archiving a case implies it will also be archived on the other devices.

The advantages of using the Cloud Server

For which devices should I use the Cloud Server?

This is you own choice.

If you use one computer, the Cloud Server can be used to secure a copy of your cases. In case your computer dies, the cases can automatically be transferred to your new computer.

If you use two or more devices, the Cloud Server can apply changes you made on one device to the other devices.

You decide for each device that you use, whether it should use the Cloud Server or not. For example, you could use the Cloud Server for the computers at home and in your office, but not for your phone.

Security and privacy

We are aware that security and privacy are extremely important.


Your case data in very well protected.


You are not obliged to use our Cloud Server. We understand very well that maybe you do not want your patient's information to be stored somewhere on a remote computer.
It is totally your decision whether to use the Cloud Server or not.

We fully respect the privacy of you and your patients.
We won't use or process your data in any way. All the Cloud Server does is copying it to and from your devices.

Setting up the Cloud Server

To start using a device with the Cloud Server, you first have to activate it.
Activation is done in the Preferences, section Case. (Menu option General / Preferences). Here you can select the option Use Cloud Server.

If this is the first time you activate the Cloud Server, you are automatically guided to create the PIN that protects your case data. You can always change this PIN later. (Menu option Case / Case database / Change Cloud PIN).
Don't forget your Cloud PIN, you will need it when activating another device.

Cloud Server status

At the top of the page in the Case module, an icon indicates the state of the server connection.

The Cloud Server is available.
Communication in progress.
No internet connection, or the server is temporarily offline.
if no icon is shown, the Cloud Server is not yet configured.

When you click on the icon, synchronization is performed immediately.


The purpose of the Cloud Server is to apply all changes made on one device, to all the other devices. But this is not always possible.
It will help you to understand what the restrictions are.

Especially when working off-line, it might happen that changes to the same case are made on different devices before a connection to the Cloud Server is reestablished. Normally, that would rarely pose a problem.

The information in a case is built up of several independent elements:

You can make changes to one of these elements, and changes to another element on another device.
But if for instance you change the same analysis on two devices, only the last change will be saved.
If you change one analyis on one device, and another analysis on another device, that will not be a problem.
Or if you add a remedy prescription on one device, and another remedy prescription on another device, that will not be a problem.


The cases stored on the Cloud Server are a copy of the cases on your device. The original data is on your device.

You are always responsible yourself for making backups of your computer.