Complete Dynamics - Practitioner Edition

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Index module

The Index module allows for quick access to the repertory's contents.

Book module

The Book module shows the Complete Repertory contents.

The Jump to field at the bottom left side of the window is used to quickly jump to a given rubric in the repertory.

Detailed remedy information

Find module

With the Find module, you can quickly find rubrics and remedies in the repertory.

The Find field allows for very efficient, powerful and quick searches.

Case module

The Case module enables you to create and organize your patients' case files, register prescriptions that you have made, and create and organize analyses.

Analysis module

The Analysis module lets you make analyses of your patient's symptoms.

There are multiple ways to look at the analyses results.

The Analysis module offers many advanced functions.

Materia Medica module

The Materia Medica module gives access to a large collection of Materia Medica books, as well as the Reverse Materia Medica.