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About Complete Dynamics

Development of Complete Dynamics started in the mid 90s. In its current form, it was first published in 2009. In that year, we released our highly successful free Browser Edition, soon to be followed by the Practitioner Edition and Master Edition. Since then, Complete Dynamics then been readily embraced by international homeopathic professionals, because of its ease of use, superb quality, and fair pricing.

The mobile App for tablets and phones (iOS & Android), was a real breakthrough in homeopathy. Unlike other Apps, the Complete Dynamics App offers the full functionality and data of the professional PC versions. The perfect mobile companion for professionals.

Why Complete Dynamics?

About the project

This exciting project is founded by two remarkable men:

Eduard van Grinsven (1959) Eduard has a professional background in software development of over 30 years.
He has run a private practice in homeopathy since 1998.
Roger van Zandvoort (1958) Roger has dedicated his life to creating the best homeopathic repertory in the world.

" Complete Repertory has been my favorite ever since I entered the world of homeopathy. Now that I work closely with its author, I appreciate it even more, since Roger is very careful and precise. It is an honour to work with him." - Eduard van Grinsven.

" In the course of three decennia dreams have built up about the right homeopathic program, its seamless integration with all data in my Complete Repertory, its unmatched ease of use and elegance and more basic: about not needing to run around with books anymore. And now, it is here!!" - Roger van Zandvoort.