What others say about Complete Dynamics

Sandy Hudson, working with patients in Malawi

Saturday today, we spent the day seeing patients and I want to rave about Complete Dynamics which is the homoeopathic software we are using; gorgeous, beautiful, clear, fast repertory program for checking that all the important symptoms of the patient are in the remedy. Roger van Zandvoort and Eduard van Grinsven have made a fantastic program which is literally a joy to use. Roger gave us four copies of Complete Dynamics to put on the four donated computers which we lugged over here for our students so I was going to have to say something good about it anyway but I find my mouth hanging open in an attempt to find an adjective great enough to describe it.

I only started to use it at the beginning of this week and I have been learning it as I teach it but today it was the oil that soothed a stressful day's work. A stressful day because the people we saw are really suffering. Many of the patients are in the congregations of the pastors we are teaching who are more inclined, now that they know us better, to tell us the background story of each person so case taking becomes more harrowing. Some people lost all their wares when the market burnt down putting them into a debt which there may be no way out of. This could mean that their lifetime's chance of having an ok amount of money to live on might be gone and no amount of hard work is ever going to bring it back. How can you make money if you don't have money? How can you grow food if you can't buy seed?

My solace at the end of each story is the speed and ease with which I can find a remedy using the Complete Dynamics repertory so I know that some of each person's distress is going to be eased at least.

So here is my review; Complete Dynamics opens fast, is clear, simple to use and logical, has two excellent search methods all on the same page so no worrying about which page to have open, cuts out many of the excess steps involved in getting rubrics into clipboards so is fast, allows you to pop rubrics in and out of the analysis with out getting overwrought, (I mean the program doesn't get overwrought but the practitioner doesn't either!) has an incredibly useful highlighting tool so you can see exactly which rubrics of the analysis a remedy is in or which remedies are in a rubric, can skip easily and quickly to materia medica and back again, saves each analysis in the right place at the end of each case all on its own leaving you free to move onto the next patient fast, has lots of pathways back if you make a total mess of anything, is visually pleasing and easy on the eyes AND it uses up less battery which means we get to work for longer when we are working without electricity like today.

I have found a single problem, something I would like to be able to do on the analysis page, but this program is so consistently intelligent that I am presuming that as soon as I have internet again and am back in touch with the world Roger is going to be able to tell me how to do it.

We have had six copies of Complete Dynamics on the go all week, being completely missused by people who are not used to it and not used to computers and we have not had one crash.

More testimonials?

We don't like websites where famous homeopaths are stating that they love a certain software product and that their practice has never been the same ever since they started using that software.
Marketing gurus says we should do that too, because 'the customer wants to be convinced'. Rather than luring you in with pretty words, we would rather convince you by making an excellent product. We are certain that Complete Dynamics is exactly that: a very good product for a very reasonable price.

Of course we often get very nice emails from very happy customers. But publish them on our website, in order to 'convince you'? No...

But ok, the above review was so spontaneous and so sincere, that we really wanted to share it with you.
Thank you, Sandy...You just said all there is to say.