What Edition do I need?

It depends on your needs whether you need the free Browser Edition, or the paid Practitioner or Master Edition.

Browser Practitioner Master
Index Index module, for easy interactive selections.
Book Reading of the entire Complete Repertory.
Switch language One language can be shown at a time. 1)
Multiple languages Two languages can be shown simultaneously. 1)
Find Finding text and remedies in the repertory.
Case Case Management, prescriptions, printing.
Cloud Server Automatically synchronize your cases on multiple devices.
Analysis Analysis ('repertorization') functionality.
Materia Medica Materia Medica books. (details)
Repertory Editor Make your own additions to the repertory.
Repertory selection Define your own repertory filters, like selecting your prefered authors.
Repertory index Faster finding of rubrics, with a special repertory index.
Graphical repertory A graphical representation of the relations between repertory rubrics.
Remedy suggester Suggest additional remedies for small rubrics, based on remedies for related symptoms.
Highlight finds Higlight the find results in Repertory or Materia Medica.
Find in Materia Medica Searching in the Materia Medica books.
Synonyms Finding with word synonyms.
Analysis formulas Define your own formulas for an analysis.
Analysis filters Advanced filtering of analysis results.
Analysis layout Wizard Apply your layout preferences with a single key press.
Materia Medica Editor Edit your own Materia Medica.
Kingdom analysis Analysis based on Kingdoms and Families.
Differential Diagnosis A powerful module to help you differentiate remedies.
Advanced features Many other options for the more experienced and demanding professional.

1) Other languages than English require an additional license.