Complete Dynamics - Support

Can I use Complete Dynamics on more than 1 computer?

Yes. We need to send you a License Key for each computer.

Webshop subscription licenses

The information on this page is applicable only to personal subscription licenses that are bought in our webshop.
If you have bought your license from a dealer, please contact the dealer.
The iOS App is sold by Apple in their App Store, and is not a subscription license.

Your license on multiple computers

You are entitled to use your Complete Dynamics license on more than one computer that you own, and use for yourself.
After purchasing a license, we can send you additional License Keys for your other computer(s).

Simply download and install Complete Dynamics on your other device and register with the exact same name and email address.
You should then automatically receive help for adding the device to your license.

Certain restrictions apply. You are entitled to use your license on:
- a computer in your practice,
- a computer at home,
- a laptop,
- a tablet and/or phone.
If your situation is different, contact us and we will provide you with a solution.
Your license is personal and should only be used by yourself, or your personal assistant.

In case a computer is used by more than one doctor/therapist, it requires a separate license.

Please note that licensing of the iOS version is independent of the licensing for desktop or laptop computers through our webshop. This is enforced by Apple, and beyond our control.