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Why are there no Clipboards in the Analysis module?

There is a better alternative.

If you have worked with other homeopathy software before, you may have used Clipboards for your analysis.
Complete Dynamics does not use Clipboards, but offers you a more powerful and more flexible option, the Symptom Classification.

Organizing individual rubrics in various clipboards is not the most efficient way of creating different views on your analysis. Often multiple rubrics are used to express the symptoms of a patient. Different views on an analysis are mostly based on the classification of the patient symptoms, not on individual repertory rubrics.

Complete Dynamics distinguishes between Symptoms and Rubrics. For details, please refer to the Help section Analysis module / Creating an analysis / Symptoms versus Rubrics.
You can label each Symptom with a number of classification groups, like Psora, Incident, etc, but also with generic options A B C D E.
These generic options A-E can be used like Clipboards. But instead of organizing Rubrics into Clipboards, you simply assign the groups A-E to Symptoms. The analysis graphs will immediately show multiple views on your analysis, according to the groups you have selected.
This mechanism is easy to use and very flexible and powerful.

For more details, please refer to the Help section Analysis module / Classification.