Complete Dynamics - Support

Where are my Case files stored?

Case files are stored on your computer's hard disc.

No information about your patients is stored on the internet.

All cases are stored in a single file, with the name cases.rep.
This file is encoded, so all information in it is not readable for other people.
If you want to copy this file from one computer to another, make sure that Complete Dynamics is not running on the computer you are copying to.

On Apple macOS, this file is stored in a folder under your personal folder, with the name Library/Application Support/CompleteDynamics.

On Windows, the file can be found in folder C:\Users\YOUR-NAME\AppData\Local\MorvanHills\CompleteDynamics, where YOUR-NAME must be substituded by your user name on the computer.

If you cannot find the AppData folder, this is probably because it is a so-called hidden folder.
To show hidden folders, you must change a setting in the Control panel, with the option Folder options.

On Linux, the file is stored in a folder under your personal folder, with the name .local/share/data/MorvanHills/CompleteDynamics.


In the CompleteDynamics folder, there is a folder called backups.
Once a day, Complete Dynamics attempts to create a backup of your cases.rep file in this folder.
Backups are kept 1 per day for the last 30 days, and 1 per month for the last year.

Sometimes a Microsoft Windows crash, or abnormal Microsoft Windows shutdown, can leave a corrupted cases.rep file. When you start Complete Dynamics, it could then report an error like 'Can't open case database'.
In case you need to revert to one of the backups, copy it to the CompleteDynamics folder and change the name to cases.rep. (Rename the old cases.rep file first.) Then restart Complete Dynamics.