Complete Dynamics - Support

Why do you give the Software and Complete Repertory for free?

Good question.

We are convinced that the Complete Repertory is the best homeopathic repertory in the world. And many professionals agree with us!
Nowadays, repertories are too big to be printed in book form with all their information. Repertories that you can buy in book form do only have limited information available compared to the electronic version of the Complete Repertory.

Besides, a good repertory is extended all the time. New reliable sources of information are added continuously. So it is important to stay up-to-date with your repertory.
And using a computer to look things up in the repertoy is far more effecient than browsing through thousands of paper pages.

We want the best repertory to be available to all professional homeopaths, students and researchers. With the latest information always available.
The Complete Dynamics software package can be used freely for this.

But this software offers additional functionality for professionals, with for example the Case Management and Analysis modules.
We give you the Browser edition for free, hoping that if you like it you will buy a license for the additional functionality.