Complete Dynamics - Support

Why is my computer so slow when I use Complete Dynamics?

Probably your computer is too old.

The software is designed to be used efficiently on most computers that you can buy today, as well as most computers that have been made in the last years.

The most important factor is the computer memory (RAM). Your computer needs at least 512 Mb of memory, but 1 Gb is recommended for most efficient use.
If your computer has less than 512 Mb1 of memory, Complete Dynamics will not run efficiently, and will slow down your computer. This is not a caveat in the program, but a decision that we have taken carefully. On a computer with enough memory, the program will be faster than any other repertory program. And that speed is important, because you do not want do be restricted in your work by slow programs.

The second important factor is available disk space. The program needs approximately 1.5 Gb of disk space. For a normal computer, this will never be a problem, new computers are sold today with 1000 times that much space...

A third factor is the number of other programs that you use. The more programs you use, the more memory is assigned to them by your computer. So after using a few other programs and returning to Complete Dynamics, the first action you perform might take a little longer than you are used to. This is normal, and also happens when you switch between other programs.