Complete Dynamics - Support

Installing Linux version

After downloading

Complete Dynamics runs on most Linux versions that have the latest updates installed.
We recommend Ubuntu Linux.

Because the installation procedures are different on different Linux versions, we have chosen for a simple distribution where the program folder is packed with the unitily tar and compressed with gzip.

After downloading the installation file CompleteDynamics-24.12-Linux.tgz, it needs to be uncompressed and extracted.

Using a File Browser

On most Linux systems, the easiest way is by using the File Browser.
Right click the mouse on the file CompleteDynamics-24.12-Linux.tgz and select Extract Here.
It will then automatically unpack and you will see a folder named CompleteDynamics-24.12-Linux.
In the folder CompleteDynamics-24.12-Linux, there is a program file called CompleteDynamics.
Double click on that file to start the program.

Using a terminal window

You can also unpack the installation file from within a terminal window, if you are familiar with using the Shell.
Go to the folder where the installation file is stored, and unpack with the following commands:
$ cd folder-where-file-is.
$ gunzip CompleteDynamics-24.12-Linux.tgz
$ tar xf CompleteDynamics-24.12-Linux.tar

You will now have the folder CompleteDynamics-24.12-Linux, with the program executable CompleteDynamics in it. To start it do:
$ cd CompleteDynamics-24.12-Linux
$ ./CompleteDynamics