How do I get support?

As a user of Complete Dynamics, you will get free support. Even for the free Browser Edition!
A few restrictions:

If your question is not listed below, send us your question through our support form, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register myself as user?
Fill in the User and License information. Read more
How do I know I have the latest software version?
This is checked automatically if you are connected to the Internet. Read more
I have problems installing on my Windows computer. What should I do?
This is always a Windows problem. Read more
How do I buy a license for the Practitioner Edition?
You can purchase a license in the WebShop. Read more
Can I use Complete Dynamics on more than 1 computer?
Yes. We need to send you a License Key for each computer. Read more
Why is my computer so slow when I use Complete Dynamics?
Probably your computer is too old. Read more
Can I still access my case files when my license has expired?
Yes. Read more
Where are my Case files stored?
Case files are stored on your computer's hard disc. Read more
How do I copy cases to my iPad?
With the Case Sharing option. Read more
How do I copy cases to my Android phone or tablet?
With the Case Sharing option, using an SD card to copy the file. Read more
Why are there no Clipboards in the Analysis module?
There is a better alternative. Read more